March 21, 2011 reflection

Hello to all friends, families, and strangers! My name is Kim & I’m a senior at UWO majoring in elementary education. We’re going to go a little out of order here & I’m going to give you a recap of yesterday (Monday). We started off the day with a trip to Ford’s Theatre, where Abraham Lincoln (best president ever!) was shot. The tour was really informative & fun…we got to see the murder weapon as well as a bunch of artifacts belonging to John Wilkes Booth. Next on the itinerary was volunteering at Rachael’s Place, a shelter for women. We were introduced to the activities coordinator Annie & got to help the shelter with some cleaning needs. We were all really excited to head back there again today…it was a fabulous shelter!
After that we had some downtime where we decided to sneak a peek at the White House! Sadly, President Obama was in Chile so we didn,t get to chill with him and the fam. When we were done there we headed over to the Washington Monument to end our day on the town. We got back to Father McKennas and had a delicious spaghetti dinner made by Beth & Megan! Overall it was a splendid day & we can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store. Peace, love, and DC!


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