Day 1: Traveling

We departed from Oshkosh at 8 am on Saturday morning. After a long day of traveling, we arrived at 7:30 local time (8:30 our time) and met up with our guide Steven. We then departed in a van for an hour-long drive to Antigua. When we arrived at our house, there was a mix of excitement and anticipation. Our house is located on the side streets of a quiet part of town. It is what you would probably expect from a third world country. Our walls were made of tin sheets, and the beds were as hard as rocks. Between the 10 of us, we have to share one small bathroom, that has a large window in the upper part of it, as well as a connecting shower with no shower curtain. We also learned of Guatemala’s weak sewer system, and discovered that we can’t flush anything down the toilet (i.e. toilet paper, other products).

We were all extremely tired from our long day of travel, so we ordered pizza (from dominoes) and then conversed about our itinerary for the week, before heading to bed around 11.


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