These trips are sponsored by Reeve Memorial Union and the Department of Residence Life.

Washington DC
“Hunger and Homelessness”
Patrick Vander Zanden (advisor)
Theresa Schneider (student trip leader)
Kim Binzak
Elizabeth Bohler
Jeci Casperson
Jennifer Krueger
Phil Neuman
Abbey Noonan
Claudia Richey
Megan Wolfe

This group will be working with these agencies:

Tennessee & Alabama
“Civil Rights and Social Justice”
Nicole BellCorelli (advisor)
Mohammed Bey (advisor)
Sam Hebel (student trip leader)
Heather Wade
Nicole Knipp
Amanda Sunila
Kelsey Randrup
Christine Bono
Britney Rebman
Chelsey Kerschner
Nicole Sumnicht
Jenna Hammer
Camrin Freimuth
Abeni Aschebrook
Kristi Becker
Jessica Erkfitz

This group will be working with these agencies:

“Third World Economic Development”
Mike Lueder (advisor)
Lindsey Kobes (student trip leader)
Grant Larie
Nicole Christenson
Maddy Whelan
Alicia Knipp
Bryant Nankee
Erica Brooks
Jackie Saley
Leah Rebne

This group will be working with this agency:


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kay Beuthin
    Mar 18, 2011 @ 06:08:17

    Hi, All!

    I am SO happy to see these trips in place for folks who want to feel a sense of urgency toward social justice. I am sure each of you know your experiences will FAR exceed your expectations! Best wishes to every one of you! I would love a postcard; Contact me for an address if you feel so inclined! In the meantime, enjoy the moment and allow it to nurture your soul in every way possible.

    M Kay Beuthin


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